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Innovative IT Solution & Technology

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Galaxy One is comprised of certified in-house team members that have decades of industry experience and equipped with the latest technology to provide safe, secure and convenient solutions.

Warranty Management

Streamlined warranty management, work and on site support.

Quality Control

Design, build and install the complete overall of your business needs.

Discovery &

Discovery & Assessment involves a comprehensive exploration and evaluation process aimed at uncovering key insights and understanding the current state of a system, project, or situation. Through meticulous examination and analysis, this phase seeks to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making. Discovery & Assessment lays the groundwork for effective planning and strategic initiatives, enabling organizations to make well-informed choices based on a thorough understanding of the landscape they operate in.

Future State

Elevate your organization's future with our cutting-edge approach to IT planning. Tailored to your unique needs, our strategy blends visionary thinking with practical implementation. Our seasoned experts will guide you to optimize IT resources, boost efficiency, and position your organization as a tech leader. Unleash the power of strategic IT planning with us, propelling your success into the future.

Remediation &

Embark on a seamless journey of system improvement with our Remediation & Migration services. Navigate challenges effortlessly as we assess, remediate, and migrate your systems with precision. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition, enhancing performance, security, and scalability. Experience the future of your IT landscape, optimized and fortified for success. Choose Remediation & Migration with us for a transformative technology evolution.


Elevate your business with our Managed Services. From proactive IT support to strategic planning, we've got you covered. Experience seamless operations, enhanced security, and optimized performance with our dedicated team overseeing your IT landscape. Focus on your core objectives while we take care of the rest. Choose confidence, choose efficiency — choose Managed Services for a robust and worry-free IT environment.

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The Security Solutions & Technology & Services Company With Over 15+ Years Of Experience

Galaxy One LLC is a Security and Telecommunications Company that provides top-tier solutions for your business needs.

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